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Micro Technology ServicesEmbedded PCB and CPU Design

Embedded PCB and CPU Design

Our designs cover the entire spectrum of needs, from the embedded design of basic 8-bit controller design to highly integrated FPGA’s with embedded Linux processors. Projects have ranged from small scale prototyping to large scale multi-faceted jobs requiring sophisticated planning, engineering design, complex printed circuit board layout and manufacturing production. MTSI is your design and manufacturing partner, committed to your success.

embedded PCB

  • Hardware and Firmware electronics design
  • Application Software and GUI design
  • Tooling and Prototyping
  • Pre-Production Design Validation
  • Regulatory Certification
  • User and Design Documentation

We have extensive FPGA Design Skills:

  • Xilinx and Altera VHDL/Verilog coding
    • Embedded uP using ARM and  Linux
    • PCi/PCIe + DMA
    • Video capture and Display
    • USB
    • A./D and D/A
  • FPGA Place & Route Timing optimization
    FPGA Verification
    Cyclone V SoC design
    DVI 1080p video input
    Real Time video streaming
    Audio/Video Compression
    DDR III memory
    1G Ethernet
    USB Input
    On screen display
    Linux drivers & applications
  • FPGA Verification
    Test bench generation
    Functional simulation and assertions
    Script creation

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For 20 years some of the finest companies in the industry have relied on Micro Technology to help design and manufacture their proprietary products.

If you have a project or concept that needs to become real, we can help. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for many clients that are worth billions of dollars in sales.

What We do

We do a lot of different things for different people. At Micro Technology, our goal is to be your best supplier of security products, contract engineering and manufacturing. We build lasting partnerships with our customers by providing designs that have unique, imaginative solutions to manufacturing challenges, and by paying meticulous attention to quality.