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Micro Technology ServicesEmbedded FPGA and CPU Designs

Embedded FPGA and CPU Designs

We are a full-service engineering company specializing in embedded hardware, firmware, software, and web applications.  We are a fusion shop supplying both hardware and software services. Based in Texas, United States, for over twenty-five years but working to a worldwide audience, Micro Technology embraces modern design and manufacturing techniques.

Our FPGA expertise includes low-power video processing, image sensors, micro-displays, data acquisition, and high-speed on-chip networking.  We have experience with all of the Altera product families: MAX, Cyclone, Arria, and Stratix.

We also have an in-house manufacturing group with surface-mount lines for rapid prototyping and production runs.


Since 1990, our engineering staff has gained experience spanning 100’s of hardware, firmware, and software design projects, with particular emphasis on embedded microcontrollers, FPGA’s, Nios II, DSPs, and web / database application development.  We have earned several patents for our customers, two PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards, and an FDA 510(k) certification.

Our experience is well rounded with particular emphasis in the design of low-power FPGA based video processing, data aquisition, and embedded controls.  We leverage common FPGA, software, and hardware building blocks whenever possible to reduce both development time and cost.

We also believe that each of our customers should have access to the design files and source code that we develop for them.  This includes hardware schematics, pcb layout files, software source code, and custom FPGA IP source code.