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Micro Technology ServicesEmbedded PCB and CPU Design

Embedded PCB and CPU Design

Our designs cover the entire spectrum of needs, from the embedded design of basic 8-bit controller design to highly integrated FPGA’s with embedded Linux processors. Projects have ranged from small scale prototyping to large scale multi-faceted jobs requiring sophisticated planning, engineering design, complex printed circuit board layout and manufacturing production. MTSI is your design and manufacturing partner, committed to your success.

embedded PCB

  • Hardware and Firmware electronics design
  • Application Software and GUI design
  • Tooling and Prototyping
  • Pre-Production Design Validation
  • Regulatory Certification
  • User and Design Documentation

We have extensive FPGA Design Skills:

  • Xilinx and Altera VHDL/Verilog coding
    • Embedded uP using ARM and  Linux
    • PCi/PCIe + DMA
    • Video capture and Display
    • USB
    • A./D and D/A
  • FPGA Place & Route Timing optimization
    FPGA Verification
    Cyclone V SoC design
    DVI 1080p video input
    Real Time video streaming
    Audio/Video Compression
    DDR III memory
    1G Ethernet
    USB Input
    On screen display
    Linux drivers & applications
  • FPGA Verification
    Test bench generation
    Functional simulation and assertions
    Script creation