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NetBurner Embedded Ethernet Solutions

embedded PCBSencha’s ExtJS framework to provide a rich, easy to use interface.  Products may also integrate with remote servers for data storage and management.   We are  a full service NetBurner design firm. We provide embedded hardware, software, PCB layout, and assembly solutions.

We’ve designed and built many embedded products controlled by NetBurner modules.  These products interface with such things as radios, paging systems, SD cards, USB, RS-485, I2C, and SPI Flash.

We have deployed wireless transmitter location applications, streaming audio messaging, and I2C Test Simulator/Controllers.

NetburnerA NetBurner based design by MTSI has a lot of things going for it.

  • Remote Control – You can use the web server capability to allow monitoring and control through any standard web browser. Configuration and monitoring screens with dynamic text and graphics can be created and operated without custom client side applications.
  • Speed – High speed network data transmission rates using proven TCP/IP and UDP protocols.
  • Network Connectivity – Your product can be monitored, controlled, or updated from anywhere you choose on a local area network or the Internet.