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Sub-Meter Energy Saving GREEN Solutions

MTSI has been developing custom designed energy saving systems for many years.

Be fasterWe love wired and wireless sub-meter reading systems in apartment complexes.  The apartment management generate their own billing.  This allows the apartment tenant to only pay for the energy he uses.  The system can also work with commands from a local power company to utilize load shedding (turn off the air conditioner for a specified amount of time) at peak load emergencies.  This helps the power company and provides a reduced electricity rate to the tenant.

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For 20 years some of the finest companies in the industry have relied on Micro Technology to help design and manufacture their proprietary products.

If you have a project or concept that needs to become real, we can help. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for many clients that are worth billions of dollars in sales.

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We do a lot of different things for different people. At Micro Technology, our goal is to be your best supplier of security products, contract engineering and manufacturing. We build lasting partnerships with our customers by providing designs that have unique, imaginative solutions to manufacturing challenges, and by paying meticulous attention to quality.