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embedded PCBWe are fully qualified to work on the toughest and most challenging PCB layout jobs (and the easy ones, too).

We’ve been laying out complex PCB’s for over 25 years.   We use the latest Mentor Grahics PADS® PCB layout software including differential pair routing for high-speed signals. Our staff can handle unlimited routes and layers using complex design rules.



Some of the toughest PCB layout projects have included 22 layers, mixed RF/Analog, Digital designs, and have included military-qualified metal core conduction cooled cards rated to 400 G’s. One design included 9 DSPs on a PCI card and 8 DSP’s on a VME card.   Other designs range from below ground applications (high temperature downhole tools), the U.S. Navy’s Light Hybrid Torpedo (5 VME cards with 40 TI DSP’s), and to applications in outer space  for a medical experiment controller in the Space Station.

Contact: for information or a quote.

If your schematics include trade secrets or proprietary information, we will sign your non-disclosure agreements – or provide you with one of ours — to protect your intellectual property.