10 October 2010 Posted by Fred Beckhusen History

Database Applications

We develop in Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sun,  and Progressive SQL server system with ODBC, perl, VB C++, c# and ASAPI application languages


Our client had identified a market within the floral industry for automatic, computer generated reminder messages. The industry needed a fast, low-cost software package that could generate post cards automatically to remind customers of upcoming events.

The software had to be capable of tracking thousands of clients nationwide. In addition, it had to handle a wide variety of clients, special occasions for reminders, and automatically order and bill selected clients for services.


Mitsi developed a Dbase-compatible database system using a PC-based compiler. The software had many menus for prompting the florist for information about the potential client, their relatives, secretaries, and others. Special data entry screens were developed with pop-up windows that prompted for necessary information.

Many custom reports were written to print the post cards automatically. In addition, reports were made to order merchandise, bill clients, and bill major credit cards. Software was written to handle specific customer referrals. Wire transfers also created unique billing problems that were handled in software.