Paintball Loader

21 December 2021 Posted by Migration MitsiDotCom

The Odyssey Paintball loader is a revolutionary microcomputer-driven portable “production line”: for paintball loaders. The CPU detects the presence the paintball by bouncing light off it and measuring the waveform.   It modulates the speed of the motor against the paintball temperature, gun blowback, and other characteristics to achieve unprecedented firing rates.

US Patent # US7445002B2  : The ball feed mechanism includes a feeder which conveys or impels balls toward a feed neck, and a drive member which is concentric with the feeder. The feeder is coupled to the drive member through a spring. The spring is configured to store potential energy which is used to rotate the feeder and, thus, drive the balls toward the feed neck. An electric motor is used to rotate the drive member to wind the spring. The feed mechanism includes sensors which detect the motion of the feeder and the drive member. A controller determines the spring tension based on the relative motion of the feeder and drive member, and actuates a motor when necessary.