9 October 2022 Posted by Fred Beckhusen History

Multi-TV Dual VGA Video Adapter Card

The MTSi Multi-Video Graphics Adapter is a full-featured VGA card with the ability to drive both television sets and/or VGA monitors.  With the ability to add unlimited numbers of VGA outputs to any ISA bus PC, the system is ideal for industrial, financial, software development, airlines, trade shows, cable television broadcasters or any business that needs multiple channels of high resolution graphics.  

In addition to driving standard VGA monitors,  the card is available in a USA RS-170 525-line composite video version, or as a British 625-line  PAL-I, Continental Europe PAL-G or French SECAM version.   A VGA to composite video adapter plug is included for connection to Type-F 75 ohm composite video cables.

Each card contains two independent 8 or 16-bit bus  autoswitch VGA circuits.    Each circuit shares a logic circuit and I/O port that allows any VGA output to be selected and placed in the PC memory map.   The I/O registers and memory locations of the VGA controller are switched simultaneously on all boards. 

Up to 16 cards may be addressed by the same range of I/O ports, allowing all 32 available channels to be controlled by a single I/O instruction.   Additional cards may be used by using another I/O port.  Wide backplane industrial PC’s are available with slots to hold all 16 cards. Upon power up, the first VGA on the card 0 is selected as default.    A rotary switch is used to select card and VGA channel order.    


  100% ISA & EISA compatible
  512 k byte RAM memory on each channel
  VGA compatible registers
  2 channels per card
 16 cards at one port maximum
  8 or 16 bit slot compatible
  (2) VGA 15 pin-connection
  (2) NTSC or PAL adapter w/Type F RS-170l
  I/O Port 100h-107h standard, addressable to any 8 byte  boundary
  Rotary selector switch for setting card number
  VGA ROM BIOS  included