9 October 2022 Posted by Fred Beckhusen History


The MTSI manufacturing department built the electronic portion of the Krug Life Sciences platform for use on the International Space Station Alpha.    The two circuit cards and electronic circuits provide the digital and analog data collection interface to service the medical experiments on board the space station.    

Approximately 250 hardware platform sets will be used by Principal Investigators to develop their experiments.   

Once in space, the experiment is plugged into the space station.   Four different gases, several power supplies, video, digital and analog and other data is sent to and from the experiment by the platform. 

The system has been flight qualified and has flown 17 times on shuttle flights, and has flown on MIR.   It will soon be on the International Space Station Alpha.

The experiment can then be remotely controlled from the ground by the Principal Investigator in real time, without delays or any mission specialists’ time.