9 October 2022 Posted by Fred Beckhusen History

System Integration


The Application: 

MTSI designed and programmed a computer system for a FAA-certified machine shop that builds and repairs aircraft parts.     The system tracks parts from initial quotation, creates work orders, prints travelers, reports on work in-house, tracks labor hours expended on jobs,  and writes invoices.   Electronic data Interchange (EDI) was needed for supplier and customer invoicing and purchase order transfers.

The Solution:

The system was designed around a multi-user, multi-tasking computer system.   The application was written in Informix and C languages, and it was seamlessly imtegrated into the Uniplex Integrated Office Automation system.  Accounting information  was provided to eliminate paperwork normally required to track orders, customers, and receivables.

All reports and procedures had to meet FAA standards.   EDI software was created in C to interface to several standard EDI formats.

Our Capabilities

We can specify, procure, connect, install, maintain, and service computer systems from a variety of name-brand vendors.    With our capabilities of merging off-the-shelf equipment with custom designed circuit boards, we can provide optimum solutions to your needs in a variety of applications.

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