About Us

For three decades, Micro Technology Services Inc. has stood as the unwavering, trusted partner of industry-leading companies, collaborating closely in the design and production of their exclusive and innovative products. Our steadfast dedication to precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and impeccable quality assurance has consistently propelled our clients to new heights, ensuring their visions are brought to life with unwavering excellence.

Hundreds of man/years of Hardware and PCB Design

Experienced Management and Engineering Teams

Professional Engineering Firm

For 30 years some of the finest companies in the industry have relied on Micro Technology to help design and manufacture their proprietary products.

If you have a project or concept that needs to become real, we can help. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for many clients that are worth billions of dollars in sales.

 What We do

Our commitment is creating customer value through innovative design solutions. Our expertise extends to a wide array of services. We excel as a premier provider of Contract Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions. We cultivate enduring partnerships with our clients by offering imaginative design solutions that address manufacturing challenges while upholding uncompromising quality standards.

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