Micro Technology Services, Inc. (MTSI) is pleased to announce a new product, the MTSI Communicator. The MTSI Communicator allows pre-recorded audio messages to be activated and broadcast out over an existing radio system, PA system, or it can drive an external 10-watt speaker. The MTSI Communicator has 24 input channels that are activated by output relays from other equipment: such as Duress alarms, Infant Abduction systems, Gunshot Detection Systems, door alarms, and many other systems. When the input is activated, a pre-recorded audio message associated with the input is broadcast. Once the input has been deactivated, a different message can also be broadcast. Example: When a monitored door is in an alarm state (Open), “The East door is Open” would be broadcast. Once the door returns to the normal state (Closed), it can then broadcast a different message, “The East door is Closed”.

24 – input channels, programmable Normally Open or Normally Closed
24 – channels of message storage – 30 seconds record time for NO & NC per input
7 – Programmable 8 Amp relay outputs
1 – Disarm input – releases relays and stops all of the messages being played
1 – Disarm Radio input – message being played
1 – Disarm PA input – message being played
1 – Aux input – Use TBD
1 – Configurable Alarm Lockout time, to minimize radio traffic
1 – Configurable Input Alarm Delay
1 – Configurable Input Debounce time
1 – Audio output to interface to customers’ existing PA system, Line level
1 – Audio output, 10-watt for external speaker (not Included)
1 – Audible Loss of power alarm through external 10 watt speaker
1 – 12VDC, 500 mA constant output for powering wireless receivers or other equipment with relay outputs