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"The engineer’s are still amazed at your work. The modified boards that are being validated have been performing flawlessly."

Telecom Customer

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"Congratulations, you did it!  This was an amazing feat.  Originally we gave this a 50% to 70% chance of success due to the complexity of the implementation and time constraints. You all did a phenomenal job of pulling together a 5 volume (200 page) government proposal and bid samples.  So now that we have delivered the hardware and the proposal we need to start the final design.  Again thanks for the phenomenal job!"

Video Customer

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"Thank you to everyone at MTSI for your support of the burn-in system design over the last several months.  I am impressed with the quality of the end product, from the fixtures and cabling, to the circuit boards, to the user interface software.  As of last Thursday, the systems are installed on the manufacturing floor."

Military Customer

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"We recently had 250 boards assembled at MTSI for the antenna analyzer. I have checked out 85 of these boards so far and each one has been perfect, not a single problem.  I want to thank Marina and the team at MTSI for a job well done!"

RF Provider

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"The assembly of the boards looks very nice.  Parts placement and solder joints are excellent.  I have tested the first two boards and they worked immediately.  Our thanks to you and everyone involved for a very good job."

Contract Assembly

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"By the way, thank you (and your team) for the great (and fast) assembly job you did on the small cameras we just had done. They’re working in time for the demo and the customer is happy!"

Major Camera Company