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Some situations require a computer system that keeps track of large amounts of loosely related information. Micro Technology has experience in creating information systems that keep track of all the information that is important to you.

One of the most difficult projects to undertake is an information system that involves a great deal of information. We have extensive  experience in utilizing software resources to reduce the the man-hours required to maintain large amounts of information. Strategic organization of database tables to reduce redundant information helps the following companies to reduce the time required to maintain information stored in their software solution.


This system is an online directory with biographical information on over 20,000 judges in all levels of federal, state and local courts with jurisdictional, structural and geographical facts on the courts they serve.  Information on all of the courts and judges of the nation is maintained to ensure updated, accurate information on judges, the courts they are assigned to, and background information. This ensures that customers are viewing information that is as up-to-date as possible.

The site stores detailed information on all of the judges in America. This includes everything from basic term information on the court they are serving in, background information on past educations, memberships, judgeships and case decisions, to detailed personal information such as hobbies, personal sayings and campaign slogans. This serves as a unified reference to provide an understanding of that judge’s background, biases and preferences. This allows lawyers and other individuals to purchase the subscription and glean an understanding of local judges in the same way that they would gain understanding of a judge with national exposure.