Professional Design


Micro Technology Services, Inc. is a success: Professional Design service company dedicated to our customers.

For 25 years some of the finest companies in the industry have relied on Micro Technology to help design and manufacture their proprietary products. If you have a project or concept that needs to become real, we can help. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for many clients that are worth billions of dollars in sales.

Why use us?

You own the Intellectual property. We are fast and efficient. We make what we design. We have an enormous experience base in electronic design.

We do a lot of different things for different people. Our goal is to be your best supplier of security products, contract design and manufacturing. We build lasting partnerships with our customers by providing designs that have unique, imaginative solutions to manufacturing challenges, and by paying meticulous attention to quality in lots of areas:

document_view Remote Monitoring and Control – Access your system using JSON, Ajax and JS libraries for quick time to market
document_view Custom Medical Solutions – we did the first IV pump design on the market
document_view Energy Saving Solutions – We do it all, from photovoltaic to energy harvesting solutions
document_view Video and Image Processing Design using advanced ASIC technology to make the largest camera in the world.
document_view Embedded Ethernet Solutions – low cost designs, quickly.
document_view Embedded Design using almost any microprocessor – we’ve done them all since we wrote the books on them back in the 70’s.