Remote Monitoring and Control

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Remote Monitoring and Control

MTSI has generated hundreds of Remote Monitoring and Control Systems over several decades. Below are several examples. (See another section for Web-Based systems.)


MTSI developed and sold through SecureTech Systems the Wave Notification System. The Wave is used in hundreds of court houses throughout the US.  When an alarm is activated (pushbutton), the system communicates a pre-defined text message via trunk radio to the local police officers via their personal body worn radio.  For example, if a judge pushes a concealed button, the local officers will come running to the proper courtroom with guns drawn.


MTSI helped our client develop a wireless forklift fleet management system.  The system requires the driver to provide identification to a microprocessor located on the forklift using an electronic key fob.  The forklift electronics then communicates to 802.11 Wi-Fi routers located throughout the plant.  The system also detects and logs above threshold impact events which could be caused by a collision.


MTSI helped our client develop a more advanced automated fluid level pump controller.  The controller manages the reservoir fluid level to a targeted level through its patent pending process and as such optimizes the amount of fluid being pumped while protecting the pump.  The platform also monitors up to 20 definable input sensors with definable responses.  Data logged in real time is wirelessly communicated to a user server through a 900MHz radio, digital cell interface, or satelilite.


MTSI built a CPLD serial processor to serialize the monitoring and control functions in a vast nuclear power plant.  The purpose was to reduce the many individual parallel wires into a few serial wires going to various remote locations.  Normally a microprocessor would be selected to do this job but was unacceptable due to the fact that it could require a re-boot at a critical time.  MTSI emulated and programmed the function of a serial processor into the programmable logic of a CPLD, thus eliminating the requirement for the program to be stored in RAM with associated volatility problems.

In addition, MTSI has designed and built several generations of on-site valve diagnostic equipment used in chemical processing plants and in most of the nuclear power plants located in the western world

Networked High Current Output Panels

These Ethernet Output panels switch  high current outputs NC and NO in any type of plant environment, typically for industrial use.  They hold up to 64 high current relays, and are supervised.

Networked Supervised Input  Panels

These Ethernet Input panels Sense Open, Short, NC and NO inputs in any type of plant environment, typically for industrial use.  They hold up to 64 input circuits modularly,  and are fully supervised.