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Our Methods

Material Procurement

Material ProcurementWe acquire essential raw materials and supplies for all projects and production.

MRP-II computerized operationUsing this computerized system optimizes manufacturing operations through the integration of production planning, inventory management, and scheduling.

Access to In-house stock of partsOur access to in-house parts stock is crucial for cost-effective maintenance, minimizing downtime, and supporting production across industries.

Consigned Material Projects We encourage consigned material projects where customers supply materials, reducing inventory costs and enhancing cost-effective production.

Circuit board AssemblyCircuit board assembly populates and solders components onto boards to create functional electronic systems—a service we offer.

Leaded and lead-free RoHS compliant systemsWe offer RoHS-compliant systems with leaded or lead-free solder options to meet environmental regulations in electronics manufacturing.

Thru-hole and SMD technologyWe offer both Thru-hole and SMD technologies for electronic component attachment on circuit boards, each with unique advantages in size, efficiency, and manufacturing.

SMT 0102 and BGA placement and rework We provide services for SMT 0102 and BGA placement and rework, dealing with small surface mount components and complex integrated circuits using solder ball grids, requiring specialized equipment and techniques due to their intricate nature.

Prototype and ProductionWe offer prototyping for concept testing and refinement and full-scale production for commercial distribution.

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