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Case Studies

Test Equipment

Computer Controlled This logic board automatic tester is designed to test the computerized coin changer modules that are used in vending machines.  It allows low-skill level field service personnel to test the modules easily.    The computer-controlled tester uses a unique packaging scheme.  The in-circuit test is performed with spring-loaded probes that are attached to […]

Case Studies

IV Pump

IV Controller Our client envisioned a microcomputer controlled, precision, intravenous infusion pump for hospital use. They had had an extensive background with surgical tubing and custom I.V. sets but desired to introduce advanced electronic devices and associated disposables to control the rate of I.V. fluid flow. The I.V. controller was to have a programmable flow […]

Case Studies

Military ATLAS Test Equipment

Atlas Software A major Defense Contractor had a problem with their Air Force ATLAS software and hardware systems.  In this Air Force case, the hardware was obsolete and needed to be replaced.  But there was no suitable replacement hardware.  More worrisome was that the ATLAS software could not be changed.   VME Based A unique aspect […]

Case Studies

SLC-96 Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering MTSI has done millions of dollars in reverse engineering projects, including nuclear power, USAF missile test equipment, and other fields such as telecom, software, video games, and medical printed circuit boards.  Reverse engineering can be legally done several ways – via outright copying of the PCB or determining the functions and making a […]

Case Studies

EPS8266 Wifi Water Leak Detector

Wifi Enabled Our client needed a Wifi-enabled water leak detector.  We chose the EPS8266 which is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor core based on the Tensilica Diamond Standard 106 Micro running at 160 MHz. It has an extremely low power mode that was used in this water leak detector to achieve many years of operation life using a pair of AA […]

Case Studies

Downhole Tool

Downhole Tool Oil field downhole 3D seismic sensor with 24 bit resolution We developed a custom downhole tool for seismic sensing.  The tool is lowered into an oil well to listen for seismic vibrations. The operator can gather seismic data and visualize the oil field near the tool.  The drill bit can then be steered […]

Case Studies

Low-Cost Radio Frequency Electric Power Meter

Mirror Image The meter module works by measuring the rotational velocity of the electric meter’s Eddy current disk using a miniature laser beam source and optical detector. This information is converted into accumulated power consumption information which represents a “mirror image” of the electrical meter’s dials. . Low Cost The current design is embodied on […]

Case Studies


Voicebell This patented programmable doorbell system includes a doorbell control for connection in series with an existing doorbell pushbutton in a residential doorbell circuit. It utilizes a digital record/playback circuit to record an audible announcement by the occupant and store the recorded announcement as digital signals. An audible announcement is generated from the stored digital […]

Case Studies

Surgical Glove Making

J&J Glove Printer This large Surgical Glove company expanded its production capacity in the 1980s. They introduced a unique system involving thermocouples, ceramic pieces with drilled holes, batteries, radios, and innovative circuitry, all under the guidance of David Banks and Fred Beckhusen of Micro Technology Services Inc. (MTSI). https://mitsi.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Glove-printer-longer-movie.mp4 3D Glove Models Thermocouples, which are […]

Case Studies

A New Way to Communicate

Multi-lingual Multi-language staffing with live interpreters is costly and inefficient. Data reveals that the use of an interpreter is unpredictable from day-to-day. This makes staffing decisions of multi-lingual personnel difficult, impractical, and inefficient. This is further complicated by the fact that we live in an increasingly multilingual society. Risk Mitigation Instant interpretation is provided by […]

Case Studies

Rack Mount Telephone Switching Equipment

For want of a flat washer, a telephone exchange died A manufacturer of rack mount telephone switching equipment had a design flaw in their gear that caused a fire in a telecom facility. They had attached the backplane connectors with a #4-40 screw and a single tooth lock washer without a flat washer underneath. Compounding […]

Case Studies

Barcode Reader

Laser Scanner Wand This innovative barcode reader goes in series with your keyboard. An inexpensive laser scanner wand is powered by the PC.   Epic Data The product was designed for  Lockheed Martin to use in their MRP system at three plants in California, the LM F-35 plant in Fort Worth and in Huntsville Alabama. […]

Case Studies

Custom Terminal for Lockheed Martin

Epic Data This custom terminal was developed for Epic Data for Lockheed Martin.It has an Intel Pentium, touchscreen, a custom integrated bar code reader and badge reader. Sylogist Epic Data was acquired by Sylogist. “Epic Data was a very well-recognized software development, hardware design and support organization. Over the past three decades Epic Data has […]

Case Studies

Automated System Marginer

Compaq Computer Corp The Automated System Marginer was developed for Compaq Computer Corporation.    Four new stations recently went on line in their personal computer manufacturing and reliability analysis laboratories.     Microsoft Windows is the operating system and user interface.   The multi-tasking ability of Windows and ease of use were key reasons for the choice.   […]

Case Studies

SCSI Controller for EISA Bus

Dual SCSI Host Bus Adapter for EISA Interphase Corporation’s E/SCSI 4810 Barracuda is the intelligent, high-performance SCSI (Small Com- puter System Interface) host bus adapter for 32-bit EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) sys- tems requiring high data throughput and multiple drive storage. The 4810 may be configured with one or two full function, fully independent […]

Case Studies

Electronic Parole Monitoring

Parole Monitoring A Dallas based company pioneered the newest alternative to prison sentences by using electronic monitoring at the home.  Electronic probation is one solution to the overcrowding and expense of prison.   The data from the monitoring devices was captured in a variety of computers using both MS-DOS and Unix operating systems.  Different file […]

Case Studies

Automotive Burglar Alarm

Automotive Burglar Alarm MTSI was asked to perform a technical audit of a new generation automotive burglar alarm for the Ford Taurus automobile.  The client was behind schedule after a year of development, and could not meet their customers requirements.      The client had already promised the Ford Motor Company that the new product would […]

Case Studies

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Due to the deregulation of the telephone industry, our client had successfully reverse-engineered many of the cards originally produced by Western Electric for a SLC-96 T1 telephone system.  However, several cards were extremely difficult to reverse engineer as they had many full-custom ICs, including a microprocessor, EPROM memory, and a pair of gate […]

Case Studies

How DRAM Refreshes Itself

Fred Beckhusen-Z80 Power-DRAM Test How does DRAM refresh itself? Z80 Test I wrote this DRAM test to test this program in 1979 and  ran it on a 2.5 Mhz Z80. Threw the CPU and card cage in a temperature chamber and let it run all morning.  It had some interesting and practical results.  It turns off the […]

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