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Is your PCB no longer manufactured and you need replacements? Lost your filmwork and/or schematics? Corrupted files? Reverse Engineer it! Reverse Engineering of PCB’s is one of our specialties.

Complex multi-layer cards can be reversed with our computerized reverse engineering net list generator and scanning process. PCB designs cannot be copyrighted in the USA, so its legal, too.

New schematics, layouts and artwork can be created.  Improvements to old, obsolete designs requiring chip substitutions and/or new added features can also be implemented.  There are NO RESTRICTIONS on layer count, pin pitch, ball grid arrays, double sided or multilayer PCB’s.

Available Services:

  • Complete schematic diagrams in PowerPCB (Orcad is also possible) with hard copy and CAD files.
  • Net list (point-to-point wire list).
  • Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Gerber files (for fabrication of PCB).
  • Prototype PCB fabrication.
  • Component assembly of PCB (for testing and evaluation).


Our clients range from the telecom to the video game industry, to repair depots for the US Department of Defense.  Classified equipment, critical nuclear power plant control boards and missile test equipment have been successfully reversed.  In addition, obsolete test equipment for the Minuteman program and complex Frequency Response Analyzers for the USAF Peacekeeper program were re-designed with completely compatible modern equipment.