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cisWe do software development in a variety of languages, including C for small microprocessors, with Linux and real time kernels for embedded systems, Catalyst and Sencha  ExtJS framework are ideal for rapid development of MVC web development.

We use Modern Perl techniques with DBIx::Class for databases using Postgres, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and other databases:

document_viewWeb-Based Monitor and Control
Web-based systems allowing user monitor and control (including sophisticated alarm detection, logging and messaging) via a web-browser located on any computer in the world.

document_viewCustomer Subscription Services
Maintaining up-to-date information on every judiciary member is a big job.

document_viewReal-Time Data Analysis
Real-time data analysis systems can process information that changes quickly, to ensure that your system reflects the world as it currently is, not how it was 20 minutes ago.

document_viewEncyclopedic Information Systems
Some situations require a computer system that keeps track of LARGE amounts of loosely related information. Micro Technology has experience in creating information systems that keep track of all the information that is important to you.

document_viewEnterprise Resource Planning Systems
Making ERP Systems increasing the efficiency in the workplace and quality of the items produced in a high-reliability QA environment.