Web-Based Monitor and Control

MTSI has been producing Remote Monitor and Control systems for decades. Recently projects included web-based systems allowing user monitor and control (including sophisticated alarm detection, logging and messaging) via a web-browser located on any computer in the world.

Web-Based Landslide Monitor, Warning and Analysis System

Slide.MTSI has developed a web-enabled wireless monitoring system designed to work at very remote sites (mines) to monitor potential landslides.  The system allows a user to monitor and control the system from anywhere using an internet browser.  Communication from each remote monitoring site to a local base station is via a 900MHz radio module or serial radio (hardware also supports a cell phone interface and 802.11 WiFi interface).  Collected data is stored in a central database.  Analysis of the data is presented to the user using state of the art graphing software.  Sophisticated alarm detection, alarm logging and alarm notification via pop-ups, e-mail text messages to phone and external strobes are supported.