FPGA Designs

All major vendors:

Xilinx, Microsemi, Lattice, VHDL or Verilog coding, Altera MAX, Cyclone, Arria, and Stratix chipsets

EDK, AXI Embedded uP (ARM, Nios, MicroBlaze) Linux BSP and Software Dev.

Core Products and Experience:

  • H.264 Encode/Decode Audio
  • Dolby HD JPEG Encode/Decode
  • PCi/PCIe + DMA Display Controllers
  • Image Processing Mod/Demod USB
  • FPGA Verification
  • Test bench generation
  • Functional simulation and assertions
  • Code and functional coverage
  • Post-synthesis simulation Script creation (tcl, perl, etc…)

 H.264 video compression

 DVI 1080p30 video input

 HDMI Input & Output

 Linux and QT


 Real Time video streaming over LAN

 1.5GHz 2 Channel Digital Storage Scope (DSO)

 8 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

 STM Lithography

 High Speed Printers


A scanning tunneling microscope (STM) control system designed to perform high-throughput, automated, atomic-precision STM lithography. 

Thermal cameras & Night vision cameras, Military and Aerospace cameras, Digital Fusion Weapon Imaging and rifle scopes.


T-1 time slice unit, 24–bit decimator, VDSL controller for 24 Mb/sec links.


3 Channel Video Mux and Display Controller


4 Channel 8VSB studio HD Tuner


High Speed dual ARM cores with Load balancing between ARMs


Octal DSPs for Navy Light Hybrid Torpedo and  Telecom Systems


Networked DVR

  • SATA
  • DDR III memory
  • 1G Ethernet
  • USB Input
  • On-screen display