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Lynx Hotkeys work even when logged out

Lynx Products

Products from Lynx Systems, developed by Micro Technology Services, Inc, solve duress and mass communication issues with its comprehensive and advanced features. This state-of-the-art system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance safety across various environments. With its real-time monitoring capabilities, Lynx Systems can detect potential threats and emergencies swiftly. The system’s ability to provide immediate alerts and precise location information produces a rapid and efficient response from emergency services. Whether in a healthcare facility, educational institution, or corporate setting, Lynx Systems creates a secure environment by offering timely notifications and facilitating quick, coordinated responses to critical situations. By streamlining communication and enhancing situational awareness, Lynx Systems plays a pivotal role in  communications, mitigating risks, and ensuring the well-being of individuals in a wide range of scenarios.

Our Products

Empower Safety

Input Devices


Network Duress Button Available in Momentary or Locking versions are powered by PoE or external power supply.

LynxNet 1i-128i

The LynxNet input devices are available in 1, 4, 32, 64, 96 or 128 input channel configurations.
Supports Normally Open and Normally Closed connections.
EOL resistors supervise the wires and alarm if they have been cut or shorted. Supervision triggered if the Input device fails communication with the Lynx Server. Alarm Subject and Message can be programmed for each Channel/Input on the LynxNet Input device.

PoE Wall Mounted Button

Power over Ethernet Wall Mounted Button
Custom colored cases.
Custom text on case.
Powered by PoE or external power supply

USB Duress Button

Available in Momentary or Locking Managed via the LynxClient software Fully supervised 8ft USB cable included

Lynx is network based Duress and Mass Notification. Utilizing an extensive catalog of input and output devices, the Lynx system can maximize situational awareness for security, management, and the general population of your organization.