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  • Pads PCB Professional
  • Coldfire
  • RISC-V
  • ESP32
  • ARM

We offer Circuit Design

We excel in the realms of Analog Design and Digital Design, harnessing the power of Orcad and Pads Professional for meticulous schematic capture.

Specialized Domains

Our expertise extends to specialized domains, where we navigate the intricacies of Coldfire, RISC-V, ESP32, ARM, and various other cutting-edge CPU technologies.

Creative Layouts

We employ Pads PCB Professional for intricate layout designs, seamlessly handling configurations up to 22 layers. Our capabilities extend to crafting controlled impedance layouts, ensuring precision in signal transmission, particularly in scenarios demanding high-speed, 40 GHz signals.

Embracing Technology

We stand as a reliable partner for those seeking excellence in the design and implementation of electronic circuits, delivering solutions that push the boundaries of what is technologically achievable.


Controlled impedance is crucial in high-speed circuit design because it ensures the consistency of signal transmission. In scenarios where signals are transmitted at high frequencies, such as 40 GHz, maintaining controlled impedance helps prevent signal reflections, attenuation, and distortion. This is vital for preserving the integrity of data and minimizing the risk of errors in applications where signal accuracy is paramount, such as telecommunications and high-frequency data transfer.

Thermal management is a critical aspect of circuit design as electronic components generate heat during operation. Excessive heat can degrade performance, reduce component lifespan, and even lead to failures. Designers address thermal concerns by incorporating strategies such as heat sinks, thermal vias, and proper component placement to facilitate efficient heat dissipation. Thermal simulations and analysis are also employed to predict and mitigate potential heat-related issues, ensuring that the circuit operates within safe temperature limits.

The choice of PCB layout software significantly influences the efficiency and accuracy of the design process. Advanced tools, such as Pads PCB Professional, offer features that enable designers to create intricate layouts with multiple layers, essential for complex circuits. The software’s capabilities in managing signal integrity, defining controlled impedance, and supporting high-layer configurations contribute to the overall reliability of the final design. The right PCB layout software streamlines the design workflow, enhances collaboration, and plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal performance in electronic systems.