9 October 2010 Posted by Fred Beckhusen History

Automated System Marginer

The Automated System Marginer was developed for Compaq Computer Corporation.    Four new stations recently went on line in their personal computer manufacturing and reliability analysis laboratories.  

Microsoft Windows is the operating system and user interface.   The multi-tasking ability of Windows and ease of use were key reasons for the choice.

The Automated System Marginer exercises all combinations of AC and DC power supplies and clock cycles over a wide range of temperatures.   Up to 127 different tests can be run in sequence.  

The tester communicates with the device under test using the universal RS-232 interface, so the tester can test virtually any IBM compatible computer system.  It  reports all test voltages and sequences the  test results to the operator and to a real-time disk log.   These tests can take days to execute, so it was important that the operator understand where in the test sequence the tester was at any given time.

The operator can control the +5, -5, +12, -12, and Power Okay signals manually or automatically.  Hi/Lo limits and test steps can be set.   The AC line voltage can be set to any frequency or voltage for international test capability.   The clock frequency, voltage levels and rise and fall times can be set.    All settings can be saved to disk.