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BAE Hawk

Optimizing the Air Combat Classroom With the BAE Hawk

Enhanced edge to get the job done

Air forces need to maximize their training readiness, and pilots learn those skills in trainer jets like the iconic, two-seat, single-engine BAE Hawk. The world’s leading air forces fly the advanced light attack trainer in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia; preparing thousands of pilots for the future of air combat.


MTSI designed an all-digital, fly-by-wire gauge for the BAE Hawk’s tailplane. BAE had already designed the plane for a high level of serviceability, as well as lower purchasing and operating costs than previous trainers. Replacing traditional mechanical controls, aircraft manufacturers and operators enjoy more benefits with digital gauges including unparalleled precision and responsiveness allowing for the smoother and more efficient control of the airplane. It’s a groundbreaking advancement in aviation technology. 

Trainers such as the Hawk are not typically employed in a direct combat role, but they are designed to look, feel and function like combat aircraft — with displays that can generate similar imagery to advanced jet fighters. Hawks often do take on real-life reconnaissance and surveillance missions. However they’re assigned, these planes need to get the job done.

Digital gauge

BAE Hawk gauge

The digital interface enhanced Hawk pilot safety by reducing the risk of mechanical failure and providing real-time data feedback to the pilot, enabling faster decision-making in critical situations. MTSI’s innovation underscored the ever-evolving nature of aviation, where digitalization and automation continue to redefine industry standards, ensuring safer and more efficient flights throughout the training pipeline.

Whether military pilots are preparing for their careers in the service, or are about to embark on a surveillance mission, they deserve technology built for no-fail scenarios — and that’s what MTSI provides to our partners.

The project was among the challenges in which MTSI takes the most pride: building the most advanced technological solutions for the U.S., its allies, and partners seeking the defense advantage.