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Meeting Medical Standards With Computer-Controlled IVs​

Devices deliver fluids at the precise rate and at the right time

Our client envisioned a microcomputer-controlled, precision, intravenous infusion pump for hospital use. This device was to serve a crucial role in healthcare settings by providing precise and controlled delivery of fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream.

They also had an extensive background in surgical tubing and custom IV sets but planned to introduce advanced electronic devices and associated disposables to control the rate of IV fluid flow. The IV controller was to have a programmable flow rate, LCD display of totalized volume, fault detection, alarm indication and emergency battery backup power. 

The unit was required to meet UL and AAMI standards.


Nurse administering an IV Image

MTSI engineers had the responsibility to develop the electronic portion of the IV unit while writing and integrating the firmware which controlled the unit’s operation. Flow rate was programmable and controlled over a wide range. Flow was precisely monitored to provide the closed control loop required for long term, accurate performance.

The flow monitor was also used by the microcomputer to compile and display the total volume control. Air in the line and incorrect flow were detected, triggering alarms and displays — while implementing appropriate corrective action as determined by the microcomputer.

MTSI succeeded in compressing the multiple tasks and monitoring operations into the small program space available in the simple microcomputer. Total operation of the unit was also permitted while the unit was powered by the rechargeable battery for more than 24 hours.